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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Damn You, Siri!

For a while now, Apple has prided themselves on accessibility for all.Equipped with more apps than Steve Jobs had turtlenecks, the company has apps for hearing impairment, blindness, different types of learning disabilities and even an ASL app. The iHelp message board boasts that Siri’s personal assistant and voice-control options helps those with both physical/motor impairment and those with visual difficulties.

As well intended as Siri is, however, some of us, like my friend Thom, find her to be more harmful than helpful at the best of times. Thom has a speech impediment, and while Siri is supposed to warm-up to people’s differing speech, all her zero’s and ones fail to understand Thom, as heard in the hilarious audio here. To give you an idea of their conversation, it starts with Thom saying, “What will the weather be like today?”To which Siri responds, "Wherever you are, that’s where I am.” Turns out that despite her ineptness, she’s really quite loyal.

Thom: 1 Apple/Siri: 0

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